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Frequently Asked Questions.

Do you have a printed catalog?


We sell hundreds of cake decorating items, and the inventory is constantly changing. We do not have a printed catalog and encourage you to browse through our website!
We hope someday in the future to have a printed catalog. We will e-mail everyone who has opted into our mailing list when we have a completed catalog.

Do you sell nut free and milk free products?

No we do not. We can not guarantee in any way that any of our products on are nut free or milk free safe in any way. Any other allergies that may apply to your situation that you may have we can not guarantee in any way those products do not have a ingredient you may be allergic too. So please take the time to read your ingredient list on your products before you ingest/ give them to somebody who suffers from any form of food allergy. As always please consult a MD before giving a unknown food to a person who suffers from food allergies. The reason we can not guarantee our products are allergen safe is that we buy our products from various manufacturers and we can not guarantee they made sure their product is free from any type of allergen you may be sensitive too.


Do you ship cakes?

Sorry, though we get tons of requests to ship cakes to other states, it is just not possible.

Do you accept International Orders?

A: No

Do you take custom cake orders?

If you are interested in ordering a custom designed cake, please give us a call or e-mail us with your contact information. books up quickly so please do not hesitate reserving your date. All cake consults are by appointment only. We do not ship cakes.

What shipping methods do you use?

UPS and USPS is our preferred method of shipping.

We Strive to Ship your order the day you place the order.

And 99% of the time we do.

UPS customers:

The day your order leaves our facilty does NOT count as a shipping day for express shipping.

Ground Orders: The standard ground shipping delivery time for your order, is anywhere from 1 -10 business days after processing depending on your location within the United States or Canada or Internationally and the Method of shipping you chose for your purchase. Ground shipped orders require time to process not including holidays and weekends. We will make every effort to get your order out the same day it is placed.
Express Orders: We offer USPS express. Most express shipped orders are processed the same day if placed before 3:30 eastern standard time, not including holidays and weekends. Express orders placed after 3:30 EST on a weekday will not ship until the following business day.
All orders placed after 3:30 EST on a Saturday will not ship until the following Monday.
When you place your order, you will be prompted to choose the USPS method of shipping. The shipping charges will be automatically calculated for you by the USPS website. Some shipping methods must be calculated manually by humans, while others can be calculated on the spot by the website. The price calculated by the computer may be manually adjusted either higher or lower according to the actual shipping charges based on the method and products you purchase.
The shipping prices quoted by the website are for US and Canadian shipments and International shipments only. reserves the right to switch your shipment to any carrier if it may be necessary to do so for any reason deemed by In case of website Malfunction of calculating the shipping or a price error we reserve the right to charge your card the proper amount due us. International customers may incur shipping and handling charges determined by the market place at the time of order. International Orders may take up to 21 days to reach you or more depending on the import laws of various countries.

Do you have a minimum order requirement?

No. There is no minimum order requirement. But be aware that small order totals are not cost effective once you add the shipping charges to your order. In other words, it costs about the same to ship a $10.00 order as it does to ship a $100.00 order.


The rules for Special Orders for our products is as follows:

All special orders through our store are treated as a final sale. All special orders are required to be paid in full at the time of ordering, You will not be able to return an item that is considered a special order.


All sells on 50% and 25% off items are final .

We accept Paypal as payment.

We accept the following credit cards on our site:

What is your order cancellation policy?

Order Cancellations



Order Changes.

If you call and make a change in your order that totals less than $5.00 you will be charged an additional charge of $1.00 for this service.


Any Changes in your order may result in your order being delayed by 1 shipping day.

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